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How to Order at Erb Thai

You've heard of us and have always wanted to come in. But you have no idea what Thai food is and how to order it. Here are some easy tips to help you discover the right entrée to enjoy.

  1. Find your entrée choice. You can pick from a noodle dish, stir-fry dish or a fried rice dish with the vegetable combination.
  2. Pick your sauce. Try a curry dish for a unique combination of herbs, curry spices and flavors. If you're looking for a milder sauce, try one of the delicious brown sauce dishes. With so many different kinds of sauce on the menu, you'll be able to try as many as you'd like to.
  3. Pick the extra protein. You can pick from the available choices: tofu, chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, scallops, crab meat or mixed vegetables.
  4. Pick your spice level. We're known for being pretty spicy since we use fresh chili peppers. So to get a better idea, here's how we measure our spice level. Mild dishes contain no additional pepper. Mild + has ½ teaspoon of our fresh chili peppers. Medium has 1 teaspoon. Medium + has 1 tablespoon. Medium + has 1 tablespoon. Hot has 2 tablespoons. And our Erb Thai Hot has 3 tablespoons of fresh chili pepper.
  5. As always, eat up and enjoy!

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